Mitchell was likable but no O Vala was straight up annoying

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fake hermes belt women’s SG 1 is great from season 1 to O leaving, but the rest of the show onward is still good, only made better by bringing in Claudia Black and Ben Browder in as they are amazing actors and work well together, and having a love for Farscape makes it all the better.season 1 was just bad but had a great concept. I stopped watching a little over halfway through, so I never watched season 2 but based on what people say, it very good and follows much more along the lines of Stargate usual writing. Mitchell was likable but no O Vala was straight up annoying and the Ori felt really cheap (and went out in an equally cheap way).SGA had it best time in the first season, when it tried to be more different from SG 1 but then it just started to rehash the same enemies and same stories way too much. fake hermes belt women’s

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